Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where has the time gone??

Wow it seems like time is flying by! I've decided I'm not too good at the whole blog thing. There has been A LOT that has happened since December. WARNING: Lots of writing to catch up the last 6 months.

For starters we found out in January that we were expecting our first baby! I'm due October 4th, we were thrilled. It took us a little while to get pregnant so we were starting to worry and wonder if there was something wrong. Then 2 weeks after we had a Dr appt to discuss everything we found out I was pregnant. What an amazing day that was! I just thanked Heavenly Father the second I saw that positive test and haven't missed a day since. We feel so blessed.  It has been a journey for us with me being sick. I started feeling really nauseous at 6 weeks, but at 8 weeks it took a turn for the worst and couldn't keep much down. I did not feel good at all and still was trying to work full time so that Bryson could focus on school. Poor guy had to pick up the slack for me at home because I couldn't do much of anything.  He was so helpful and fixed himself food for those 5 months since I wasn't up to eating much of anything and took care of me and was so patient and loving. I'm so lucky to have him around. I got some Zofran pills at my first Dr appt at 10 weeks and honestly I don't really know how much they helped. I was still throwing up multiple times a day, but I guess if I wasn't taking the pill it may have been much worse. My max of throw ups in one day was 12... I had a really rough week around 16 weeks where I needed to be on IV fluids and stayed home from work and just slept and threw up most the time. Those were some rough times...but I am still so glad to be able to be carrying this baby! There were moments that I thought to myself, "how could I ever go through this again??" But I would do it all over again to be able to have a little baby in my arms! She's not even here yet and I'm already so in love!!! Finally at about 23 weeks I stopped throwing up every day and it went to just once or twice a week. I am now 26 weeks (on Thursday) and I'm feeling better than I have in months!! At my 24 week appt I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight which the Dr was happy about, and now I think I have gained 2 more pounds since then. So we will see how the last trimester treats me, hopefully I can control myself with food finally tasting good again!

We did find out at our 18 week appt that we are having a little girl! I was competely shocked!!!!! I was 99% sure we were having a boy. According to all the old wives tales and people around me I was convinced. But boy was I wrong. I had to ask the US tech to check to make sure 2 more times. She kindly said, "sweety, I'm 100% sure it's a girl." I still couldn't believe it. But we were so EXCITED! I just kept thinking how much fun it will be to dress her up, and how poor we will be after I buy her an outfit everytime I walk by the baby isle. Baby girl clothes are so cute! Bryson is so excited to have a little Daddy's girl! He is going to be such a great Dad, I can't wait to watch  him.  We also found out after that scan that she is a very healthy baby, she was measuring a week bigger despite my weight loss. We feel so blessed that everything looks good with her and all her organs are developing as they should. But we did find out that I have placenta previa. Which is where the placenta covers the cervix. It can cause  a lot of complications (preterm labor, hemorrhaging, c-section, and more) but I wasn't really showing any of the signs so the Dr wasn't too worried and just said take it easy and scheduled another US for 24 weeks. He said most the time they resolve on their own as the uterus gets bigger. Well at my 24 week US it was completely on top of my cervix, so no resolution there. But again, I'm not showing any of the signs so he didn't put me on bedrest. He said if I begin to spot of cramp I will have to go on bedrest but so far so good, I feel really blessed! So I have another US in 2 weeks to check it again, they will continue to monitor me throughout the rest of the pregnancy, so we'll just hope and pray everything works out.

As for Bryson, he is such a stud in school! He would kill me if he knew I was writing this on here but he got over a 4.0 last semester. He is so smart and dedicated it amazes me! He will graduate in December and I'm so proud of him! He just applied to Medical School a couple weeks ago and took his MCAT last week. We don't get the results from that for 30 days so it's a bummer to have to wait around, but I am confident that he did well. We hope to be accepted into med school for Aug 2013, he is ready to get started with that to get closer to becoming a Dr. He will be such an amazing Dr, it will be exciting to see what the future holds for him.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party

We went to an ugly sweater party that a couple in our ward was hosting.  It was SO much fun!! As we were looking for sweaters we had terrible luck and went to a few 2nd hand stores and couldn't find anything.  My cousin had one that she said I could borrow and the one Bryson is wearing we found in the women's section at Good Will!  And it sure did look like a woman's sweater, but he rocked it and was a good sport.  He also HAD to wear his wool hat, I begged him not to because he looked hideous, but he said, "It's an UGLY sweater party, what do you expect?" After that comment I couldn't complain any longer and he did indeed wear the hat all night long.  He got comments from all the other husbands at the party on his hat, it must be a guy thing? We took couples pictures, ate delicious dinner and desert, then made gingerbread "houses" but not really houses.  It was a contest to see who was the most creative/the best. I don't think we ever decided on a winner. 

Our first pose, Bryson is supposed to be Rudolf but the antlers are in my face and he is using the red nose as an eye patch and has a creepy mustache with a creeper look on his face... He was being crazy all night, I blame it on the hat!!!

Bryson again Rudolf, without the eye patch, but with a mustache?

One without the props, don't know what that white spot on my face is. 

Close up of the sweaters and of course the hat!

We decided to do a helicopter, I think it turned out pretty good for using graham crackers and frosting! Bryson came up with the idea and constructed most of it, I mostly helped by eating frosting and decorating a little, haha

The finished project!

Finally a pic without that dumb hat, I begged him!

The Whitings made a roller coaster! It was awesome!

Trenton and Ashley made a swimming pool, it was so cute!  There is a bear on a noodle,diving in, laying out in the back, so creative!

The Mullenauxs made a Trojan horse, pretty sweet too!

 We had a ton of fun! We ate a ton of food and candy and laughed till we cried.  Thanks again Whitings for hosting such a fun party!! They went to a lot of work for it and it turned out great!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


So once again, as usual, I didn't take any pictures during Thanksgiving so I had to steal some from my cousin Sommer's blog.  We went to Thatcher and spent time with my family.  It was so much fun and we ate non-stop!  I am so grateful for such a wonderful family, I love being with family! We were sad we didn't get to see Bryson's family during our short break, but no matter whose family we are with we always love it and hate having to leave and go back to real life. 
During our weekend in Thatcher we ate, played lots of games, watched movies (Dumb & Dumber, one of our favorites), went to the ranch to see the new bunk house, and of course just sat around and talked.  It was a blast. 
McKay, Chandler, & Spencer with the horses at the ranch

The new bunk house, we are so excited to use it!! It has a bathroom and running water which I am really excited about! And to top it off a projector for some good movie watchin.

The beautiful fall leaves along the river on our way out there

Lounging around on my parents new couch watching a football game. It is huge as you can see there are 8 of us on there and we could've fit a few more very comfortably.

Playing Taboo, one of the many we played over the weekend.
It was so good to see everyone and get away from work and school for a few days.  We wished we lived closer and could spend more time with our families!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our new calling

Sorry for the post overload! I've been bad about updating!  But anyway......
When we first moved into our ward we were called to be the 16yr old Sunday School teachers.  We loved that calling and had some fun kids! It is a good calling because there are no meetings involved, you just show up every Sunday with your lesson prepared and you're good.  So we enjoyed this for about 7 months.  Then we got a call to come in for an interview.  We left the interview with new callings, Bryson the Priest advisor and the Mia Maid advisor for me.  We were so excited! We love working with the youth and we were excited that both of us got the opportunity! Mutual is fun when we have combined activities because we get to be with each other!
A couple weeks ago our YM & YW had a 8 mile backpacking trip and Bryson and I were one of the sets of leaders that went.  Let's just say that may or may not have been my first and last backpacking trip! haha. It was a very tough hike with an extremely rocky trail.  My feet were killing me! And I was worried about my knee a lot of the time, going downhill is tough on it! But I hung with the "fast group," the priests, because I wanted to be with Bryson so I guess it's my own fault. I was the only girl that went with them so I didn't want to complain, I just complained when we got home! Bryson was a good sport for listening to me. We did have a fun time though and it was a good experience for the youth.  We were so proud of them. No we do not have any pictures for proof, thank goodness, I probably wouldn't have looked too happy in them.

But we did have a cool experience for mutual this Wednesday. We were able to go to the Temple and help with the Christmas lights.  I have never done that so I thought it was a cool act of service.  The Mesa temple looks so amazing with all the lights up and it is rather big attraction during the holidays and a good missionary opportunity.  We were excited to play a part in the transformation.

This was some of the section we were in charge of.

The hottie on the left is Brother Bendall, the YW have a mini crush on him...

This picture was supposed to turn out like....

THIS! Cool huh? Bryson's idea.

I love to see the temple!

Two of my cute little Mia Maids!

The newest addition

 Lottie Camille Stevens was born on Oct 20, 2011. She is Brigham and Jenny's 2nd daughter.  She is so sweet and cute. We love her so much already.  She was a little thing when we first saw her, 5lbs 10oz. Much smaller than Brightyn was. She is such a good baby and adorable as ever.  I bought the girls matching outfits so we tried to have a little photo shoot, but it didn't turn out so well.

Every time you tell Brightyn to smile she squints her eyes, it's so cute. Lottie wasn't liking it too much. Brightyn 2yrs, Lottie 3 days

Once again, Brighty's squints but a better one of Lottie.
I couldn't resist this one, I think she looks cute, but Bryson thinks it weird that I like taking pictures of crying babies. She isn't like this very much so I had to snap it.

Brighty just turned 2yrs old a week before Lottie was born and she learned how to do it with her fingers.

Back to school, 3months ago...

Let's just face it, we are HORRIBLE at taking pictures.  Before school started this Fall semester we decided to do a little "staycation" in Scottsdale.  We got a 5 Star resort in Scottsdale for 3 nights and had such a good time.  The resort was sooo nice and relaxing.  We felt really pampered.  We debated on going to California for a few days, but decided we could have just as much fun staying here and would be able to spend less time driving in the care and more time enjoying our vacation. Our destination was about 40 min away rather than 6 plus hrs. 

Our "staycation" consisted of...
#1 Sleeping in
We had those black out curtains in our suite, it was very easy to sleep all day long, they can be dangerous. And the bed was very comfy!
#2 Eating delicious food
We decided to try all new restaurants for every meal.  We could not eat at any chain restaurants either.  We found some delicious places, we did eat at the same place for breakfast everyday because it was super good and cheap! So if you are ever in Scottsdale you'll have to check it out, Randy's Restaurant, it's a cute little diner that's family owned.
#3 Movies
We watched a few movies just in our room, but we did go see The Help one of the days at the theatre.  It is a must see! We absolutely loved it!  I would have bought it then and there if it was available to buy.  I plan to buy it the day it comes out, it's that good!
#4 Shopping
We went to Scottsdale fashion square one night after dinner and we each got a new outfit! Or maybe I got a few.... haha
#5 Swimming
There were a few pools at the resort, and one of the pools was kind of hidden in the back so there was never anyone there.  We checked out the others and they were packed with people. So we had fun having a huge pool to ourselves every time we went. Very relaxing!
 #6 Last but not least
 Just being together with no school or work to worry about!  That was honestly my favorite part of the whole thing.  Just being together and doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, without a plan or schedule to stick to.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life!! I'm a spoiled girl... wish we could have a staycation once a month!

And sadly, the only picture we got the whole time was when we got Taco bell right before we went into the movie.  We were both starving and had to grab something quick, not that I'm complaining because Taco bell is my favorite! We had the camera with us everywhere we went too, that's just how bad we are at this stuff. One is better than none, right?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our first camping trip!

Cool weather
Dutch oven dinners
20 questions
2 truths and 1 lie
Monopoly Deal
Car troubles
Our first camping trip!

We went camping for our first time since we have been married with our friends the Donaldson's.  We had such a great time! The food was amazing.... we ate SO much! We made lots of smore's, talked around the fire, played games, went on a hike, and had so much fun!  We loved it!

We have a few car troubles. Our jeep got overheated going up the mountains due to a cracked pipe.  Luckily Bryson had the parts to fix it! It pays to have a handy man around!!! So while we were waiting for the jeep to cool down, the boys decided to make the most of it and go on a little hike, while Sydney and I just sat on the side of the road in lawn chairs!

You can see Clay and Bryson on the top of that rock.

This is a close up of the same picture.

This is the view from our hike when we reached the top, it was beautiful!! So amazing!

Lookin good in the ASU hat!! I think he's converting...

Of course he had to bring these so he could "glass"

A horrible attempt at a picture of us together.

This squirrel was just chillin by us the whole time we were up there.  Wasn't scared at all!

Meet the Donaldson's!

We go rabid when we are in the mountains??
We had such a good time! Wish we would've been better about taking more pictures.  Thanks to the Donaldson's for such a great time. Even with the car troubles.  Their car broke down on the way home from the mountain.... and 5 hours later the tow truck finally arrived!!! Good times sitting on the side of the road!